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Build your digital career

Learn practical skills for new career opportunities.


You have the determination, we have the training.

Choose your path 

All paths include career services.

CV building

Interview prep

Career coaching

Language lessons

Not sure where to start?

Apply today to get a personal path recommendation.

Who is this program
suitable for?

For displaced Ukrainians, internally and externally.

For individuals who want to learn or improve their digital skills.

For professionals from other fields who want to change profession from scratch.

For jobseekers looking for career development support.

How INCO Academy is different

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100% free.
100% online.

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Beginners welcome.

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Guidance every step of the way.

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Coaching built for you.

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Flexible learning that works.

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A community of support.

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INCO Academy alumni.

Stories from real people.

"The course felt like turning a page in a book and discovering captivating illustrations. For the first time in years, I sensed positive opportunities for personal growth and the realization of my dreams."


More than training.

Join in on something big.

alumni community



positive career progression

With support from
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Working together with
Young Activists

We aim to provide everyone the ability to learn the skills to succeed in tomorrow’s jobs, today. Opportunity should be accessed by all. So, INCO Academy for Ukraine is on a mission to unlock your potential.

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